16 September 2023

  • Ukraine has received industrial-level 3D printers from the US that are capable of printing spare parts for military equipment. (source)

14 September 2023

  • After passing orientation training which includes test flights in both aircraft and simulator joint, Ukrainian pilots have now been allowed to test fly the Gripen fighter planes. (source)
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is expected at the White House and on Capitol Hill next week as he visits the U.S. during the United Nations General Assembly. (source)

13 September 2023

  • Germany has announced a new package of military aid delivered to Ukraine. It includes 20 Marder IFVs with ammunition, 3000 155mm artillery shells, 2 mine-clearing tanks Wesent1, 1 Satcom surveillance system, 20 reconnaissance drones RQ-35 HEIDRUN, ambulances and heavy-duty trucks. (source)

12 September 2023

  • Denmark will donate a package worth 5.8 billion Danish crowns ($833 million) to Ukraine, including tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, tank ammunition and anti-aircraft guns. (source)

11 September 2023

  • The UK has donated Malloy heavy-lift drones to Ukraine. These drones can transport weights of up to 180 kg over a distance of 70 km. (source)

9 September 2023

  • According to US officials, President Joe Biden's administration will likely send Ukraine long-range tactical missile systems (ATACMS), which Kiev has been seeking for months. (source)

8 September 2023

  • Lithuania has provided Ukraine with one and a half million rounds of ammunition. (source)
  • 10 Leopard 1A5 tanks from Denmark are already in Ukraine and more are on the way. (source)

7 September 2023

  • Еhe Department of Defense (DoD) announced a new security assistance package for Ukraine. This USAI package includes equipment includes: equipment to sustain and integrate Ukraine's air defense systems; additional ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS); 105mm artillery rounds; electronic warfare and counter-electronic warfare equipment; demolition munitions for obstacle clearing; mine clearing equipment; and support and equipment for training, maintenance, and sustainment activities. (source)

6 September 2023

  • The Defense Department announced an additional security assistance package valued at up to $175 million. The package includes additional air defense equipment, artillery rounds and anti-tank weapons. (source)

5 September 2023

  • Ukraine modernizes Neptune missiles to use as ATACMS and Taurus analog (source)

4 September 2023

  • Scholz blocks supply of Taurus missiles to Ukraine (source)

2 September 2023

  • Germany buys only 200 IRIS-T SLS missiles from Sweden for Ukraine. The aforementioned 200 anti-aircraft missiles were the maximum that Germany could buy from Sweden. (source)

1 September 2023

  • The United States has signed a $192 million contract with Raytheon Missiles and Defense to supply AMRAAM missiles as part of the aid budget for Ukraine (source)
  • Switzerland's Federal Department of Defence (DDPS) announced that it had received a tracked remote-controlled mine-clearing vehicle DIGGER D-250 from Digger Foundation, a Swiss-based non-profit organisation (NPO), for delivery to Ukraine. (source)
  • US to send depleted-uranium munitions to Ukraine (source)

31 August 2023

  • Ukraine, Britain’s BAE Systems agree to produce L119 light howitzers. (source)

30 August 2023

  • The German government reported the supply of another package of military aid to Ukraine, including Leopard 1A5 tanks and the TRML-4D airborne surveillance radar system. (source)

29 August 2023

  • The 45th American aid package for Ukraine valued at $250 mln. includes, among other things, air defense and artillery munitions, mine-clearing equipment and medical vehicles. (source)
  • Germany producing KNDS Boxer RCH155 self-propelled howitzers for Ukraine (source)

28 August 2023

  • Ukrainian Defense Minister confident about German Taurus missile delivery (source)
  • NATO countries so far pledged a total of 103 fighter jets for Ukraine (source)
  • Greek Leopard 1A5GR tanks considered to replace blocked RUAG tanks deal for Ukraine (source)

27 August 2023

  • Norway to Donate IRIS-T Surface-to-air Missiles and Equipments to Ukraine (source)

26 August 2023

  • Finland explores potential manufacturing of Patria 6X6 armoured vehicles in Ukraine. (source)

25 August 2023

  • Finland will send more defence materiel to assist Ukraine. The 18th package of military items in this package has an estimated value of EUR 94 million. (source)
  • Latvia has donated another Mi-17 transport helicopter to the Ukrainian Army. (source)
  • Greece will not enter into a contract with Russia for the maintenance of TOR-M1 and Osa-AKM air defense systems. Greece has 21 Tor-M1 and 38 Osa-AKM systems. President Zelensky called on Greece to transfer these air defense systems to Ukraine (source)

24 August 2023

  • Norway will become the third country to donate F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine. Norway’s Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store announced this during his visit to Kyiv.“We are planning to donate Norwegian F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, and will provide further details about the donation, numbers and time frame for delivery, in due course." (source)
  • Turkish drone manufacturer Baykar marked the occasion of Ukraine's 32 years of independence by donating a Bayraktar TB2 attack drone to Kyiv. (source)

23 August 2023

  • Lithuania will deliver NASAMS launchers to Ukraine next month. (source)

22 August 2023

  • Ukraine gets first batch of SCALP missiles, they will come regularly – Ambassador to France (source)
  • Croatia to provide Ukraine with EUR 30 million military aid package (source)
  • France has decided to triple the rate of production and supply of 155-mm ammunition for Ukraine. Businesses switched into 24/7 emergency mode (source)
  • Bulgarian Defense Minister Todor Tagarev said in Odesa that the country plans to begin the transfer of Soviet armored vehicles in late September or early October. (source)

21 August 2023

  • Ukrainian pilots are sent for training to the UK and Sweden. (source)
  • Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy announced that Greece will take part in training of Ukrainian air force pilots for F-16 jets. (source)
  • Three contracts to deliver air defence equipment to Ukraine worth more than £90 million have been signed by the UK Ministry of Defence on behalf of the International Fund for Ukraine (IFU). (source)

20 August 2023

  • President Zelensky announced in social networks that Netherlands is ready to provide Ukraine with 42 F-16 after training engineers and pilots. (source)