Ukraine needs Public Support!

Protect Ukraine Now has conducted a thorough analysis of the National Security and Border Act of 2024, a legislative proposal allocating assistance to Ukraine for the fiscal year 2024. Our assessment leads us to a pragmatic conclusion: the proposed assistance is insufficient for Ukraine to effectively counter Russian invaders.

When we say "insufficient," we mean that the allocated support is not consistent with the challenges at hand. This inadequacy will result in a higher number of casualties among Ukraine's defenders and civilians, an increase in the count of wounded individuals, a rise in the population of orphaned children, an uptick in the number of lonely elderly citizens, and heightened overall hardship for Ukrainians.

This letter to your Senators and Representatives is an urgent request to reallocate the funds earmarked for Ukraine. We urge them to redirect resources to prioritize immediate military assistance over deferred military aid and other forms of support. The urgency is evident – Ukraine requires every available weapon now to address the imminent threats it faces.

We appreciate your assistance in getting this important document to your Members of Congress and encourage you to share this page with your network of friends and family. Your support is crucial in ensuring that the necessary aid reaches Ukraine promptly.

As always, this will take only a few minutes of your time.