Ukraine needs Public Support!

Dear Ukraine Supporters,

Ukraine's survival and victory depends on military aid from the US and timely delivery of it. In early December the Supplemental Bill for Ukraine will hit the floor.

Now there is a window of opportunity to help Ukraine win the war, however it is closing soon.

How to improve the Supplemental Bill for Ukraine?

The Senate and the House Appropriations Committee members determine the language of the bill. They decide on the specifics of the aid Ukraine will receive. Therefore they are very important people to reach out to. When you do talk to them or their Legislative Aide, please mention that the Supplemental Bill for Ukraine is most helpful if it:

  • Prioritizes the military aid over other forms of assistance
  • Front-loads, that is ships as soon as possible the major part of military aid, instead of rationing it over long periods of time
  • The Military Aid includes the same modern weapons, available to the US allies and partners
  • Prescribes the above measures into the Supplemental Bill, leaving no ambiguity about the implementation

Why do we need to ask for these specific items in the Supplemental Bill?

Currently the Military portion of the aid is delivered very slowly and in insufficient quantities and qualities for the Ukrainian army to be successful:

  • The Administration is currently sitting on $4.83 billion of PDA approved by the Congress to ship to Ukraine in late 2022
  • Since late July 2023 Administration sharply cut military aid to Ukraine by 60%
  • Last month a mere $225 million worth of military aid was shipped to Ukraine, a sharp decline over the last four months, where prior US Aid to Ukraine averaged around $1.1 billion every month
  • In comparison, Russia’s monthly spendings on the war exceed $10 billion and are growing day by day

For the Armed Forces of Ukraine to achieve better results on the battlefield, the entire Military Aid Strategy needs to change.

Please enter your address in the form below to find your Representatives

    Call, Write to your Representative and Senators.

    If they are members of the Appropriations Committees, meeting with them and passing Appeal to Appropriations Committee to Reallocate Supplemental Aid to Ukraine is going to be the most helpful.

    I have never called my Representative before. What should I say?

    Senator/Representative John Doe, please help Ukraine win the war. To this day the US gave Ukraine weapons in quantities and qualities insufficient to win the war, which lead to a standstill at high cost for Ukraine defenders. Negotiation with Russia or standstill is not an option. Ukraine's failure is our failure. We want Ukraine to win. It will help bring back stability in the world. Thank you for standing with Ukraine!

    Here is an example video recording of a phone call into a Senator’s office.

    How to spread this message?

    Ask Your colleagues, friends and relatives directly over the phone for the highest chance to convert into a phone call to Congresspeople.

    Ask your social media followers to engage in #Call4Ukraine challenge.

    If you are an Organization, consider using mailing lists to reach out to your members and subscribers with the message.

    How is that going to affect my 501(c)3 org?

    A 501(c)(3) organization may engage in some lobbying, but too much lobbying activity risks loss of tax-exempt status. Read more. Please talk to an attorney for professional advice.