Ukraine needs Public Support!

Dear Ukraine Supporters,

Ukraine's survival and victory depends on military aid from the US and timely delivery of it. The Supplemental Bill for Ukraine included in the National Security Act, 2024 (H.R. 815) can be voted on the moment Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson puts it up for a vote.

At this moment in time, it is critical to call Speaker Johnson at (202) 225-4000 and ask him to put up for a vote H.R. 815 as supporting Ukraine and other allies is a matter of our own National Security and is essential for stopping other global conflicts escalations.

It is also critical, while we wait for the H.R. 815 to pass, to push the Biden Administration to continue weapons deliveries to Ukraine using the remaining $4.2 billion Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA). Recently CNN has reported that the Pentagon is considering tapping into this resource, highlighting the feasibility of this option. Furthermore the Pentagon has retired munitions that are currently scrapped for metal instead of being sent to Ukraine.This lack of resolve in providing Ukraine with weapons it needs for survival is absolutely unacceptable.

We must also talk about these priorities to our elected officials.

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    a Call is allways better, however you can also Write to your Representative and Senators.

    I have never called my Representative before. What should I say?

    Senator/Representative John Doe, please help Ukraine win the war. Putin will not wait for the US Congress to balance the 2024 budget, but the Pentagon still has roughly $4.2 billion in PDA authorization from the previous year. All of these Weapons are needed in Ukraine right now. To this day the US gave Ukraine weapons in quantities and qualities insufficient to win the war, which lead to a standstill at high cost for Ukraine defenders. Negotiations with Russia or standstill is not an option. Ukraine's failure is our failure. We want Ukraine to win. It will help bring back stability in the world. Thank you for standing with Ukraine!

    What other important topics can I talk about?

    If your Senator or Representative is a member of an Appropriations Committee you can ask them to reallocate the funds for Ukraine in 2024 Supplemental bill in order to maximize militry aid to Ukraine.

    Note: Committee Memberships are also included when you pull up the contact information for your Senators and Representatives using the above form.

    Here is what you can say on this matter:

    The Military aid to Ukraine in 2024 Supplemental Bill is critically low and is not enough for Ukraine's survival. If the bill is not improved then Ukraine will likely lose the war. I urge you to triple munitions for this year. Reallocate cash and long term commitments if needed. Mandate Administration to ship military aid to Ukraine NOW. They do have allowance leftover for the previous authorizations The Munitions save lives, the cash does not. Thank you for standing with Ukraine

    I am ready for advanced phone calls and advocacy. How can get more involved in advocacy for Ukraine?

    We always look for people ready to do more, advocating for Ukraine! Please email us at and thank you!

    How to spread this message?

    Ask Your colleagues, friends and relatives directly over the phone for the highest chance to convert into a phone call to Congresspeople.

    Ask your social media followers to engage in #Call4Ukraine challenge.

    If you are an Organization, consider using mailing lists to reach out to your members and subscribers with the message.

    How is that going to affect my 501(c)3 org?

    A 501(c)(3) organization may engage in some lobbying, but too much lobbying activity risks loss of tax-exempt status. Read more. Please talk to an attorney for professional advice.